bSmart has been built on best industry practices using the latest technology advancements in IT, and using best open source technologies available in market. BCITS with its blend of domain knowledge, field experience and IT expertise has built bSmart MDM to help utilities to actually optimize and improve their meter to cash flow, reduce the operating cost and recover the implementation cost faster and at the same time prove quality services to the customers exceeding their expectations.

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bSmart MDM

360 Degree View of Meter Data

A 360-degree view of the meter data that allows the users to see all meter data such as Billing, Load Profile, Event and Alarms etc.

Meter Groups

The administrators can create groups of users with the same set of permissions. All users assigned to a specific group will have the same permissions at the system level.

Asset Management

This feature focuses on maintaining information and relationships between the current installed meter location, consumer demographic information and the consumer information.

Meter Life Cycle

Users can report and log any sort of damage or deterioration that is there in the meter attributable to the customer/utility.

Automated Processing

The system automatically manages all scheduled and processing tasks with minimal operator intervention to support the huge volume of daily data that needs to be collected.

Automated Scheduling

Routine tasks like data collection, data validation and syncing can be scheduled to be handled automatically through the use of batch processes.


The system provides an audit trail of all users (including system administrator) and system activities to enable data changes to be tracked and reported. Editing of meter standing data and meter interval data would be logged and the information and will be available for audit.

Event/Alarm notification

The system stores all events/alarms such as tamper alarms and power outages and provides the facility to allow operations staff to produce meter problem notification with an appropriate problem tracking system.

Data Collection Tasks

The system automatically manages the load and processing of tasks with minimum operator intervention. The system shall support scheduled meter reading by reading cycles.

On-Demand Read

For On-Demand Read, operators are provided with an easy to use interface to initiate request to read a meter immediately.

Data Processing and Analysis

The system processes the retrieved metering data and performs the necessary tasks to ensure the metering data is valid and is ready for billing.

Meter Data Aggregation and Analysis

Complex aggregation and data analysis through a common calculation module. This calculation module is capable of performing vector and scalar operations on channels of meter data.

Data Validation

Whenever data is collected, the system will automatically validate the data collected by checking against user-supplied tolerances, such as minimum and maximum demand, power factor, and any status information returned by the meter (e.g. power outage).

Meter Data Estimation

The Meter Data Estimation function can be configured to institute automatic data estimation or use manual data estimation. This shall be configurable at the system level or at the meter level.

Edit Logging and Tracking

The system will store original data and other information required to track any edited value through all versions back to the original value obtained from the meter. Any edited intervals shall be marked with an “Edited” status flag.

Reports and Dashboards

The system generates reports for meter reading, data validation, estimation, export, events, communications and logs.

Analytical reports

The system provides extensive capabilities for analytical reporting on the interval data stored in the system.

Interactive Graphics

The system provides an interactive graphics package which allows users to graph and analyze load profile and load profile channel data. Interactive graphics can be accessed through the rich user interface.

Service Orders

Generates service orders based on configurable rules for various events and alarms such as stop meter, tampers, problem in communication networks, AMI host server, etc.
Sends service orders via SMS, email, etc. with the email addresses / phone numbers being configurable. MDM shall receive feedback on action taken on the service order and track the status of service orders.

Interfaces to Other systems

The System provides a number of defined interfaces to existing systems. Additionally, the system provides Rest API’s that will enable any third-party to build additional interfaces.

Special Metering

  • Time of day (TOD)/TOU metering
  • Pre-paid/Post-paid functionality
  • Net-Metering

Web Apps, Web Portal and Mobile App

bSmart solution provides an integrated web portal and mobile app for access for the stakeholders so the information and operation of the system can be easily handled by the related users of the system.

The proposed solution provides mobile apps to bring mobility into the hands of the users which would help in many key areas of the solution such as Survey, Meter installation and replacement, Monitoring and CIS. Following Apps would be available as a part of the solution

  • Survey and Installation/Meter Replacement App
  • Officers Monitoring App
  • Customer CIS App

Survey and Installation/Meter Replacement App

The app would facilitate field engineers to complete meter installation, following functionalities are achieved through the mobile App,

  • Field Engineer will load the Meter Master data for the subdivision.
  • Field Engineer will load the New Meter Master data from the list of meters assigned to him
  • Field Engineer will go to the consumer premise
  • Get the details of the existing meter
  • Physically change the meter
  • Add new Meter details
  • Save the details
  • Update the New Old and Meter details to MDM

Consumer CIS App

  • Consumer Consumption Analysis
  • Disconnection & Reconnection Alerts
  • Prepaid Recharge/ Pay Bill
  • On Demand Consumer Read and Estimation of Bill
  • Outage Alerts

Officers Monitoring App

  • Communication Status of Meters Status
  • Status of Data Analysis
  • Tamper Analysis
  • Power Outage Dashboard
  • Consumption Trend Analysis
  • Connect/Disconnect Dashboard
  • Peak Load Analysis

Revenue Protection


Event Analysis and Notifications


AMI Health Monitoring


Consumer Engagement and Analytics


Outage Analysis


Tamper and Theft Alerts